Why choose modest swimwear?
Besides the obvious reason of providing more coverage than the typical swimsuit does, there are many other reasons to choose our swimwear patterns, such as: 
- Sun protection: Due to covering so much more skin, our swim dresses eliminate much of the need for chemical sun block and its harmful and questionable ingredients. Even in sunny Arizona, and in spite of our fair complexion, we find we never need to use sun block, unless we go swimming during the height of day, and even then only on the face, neck, and arms. 
- Medical issues: For those who use medical devices such as an insulin pump, our swim dresses provide a measure of privacy by discreetly covering such devices.
- Body image: Many ladies abstain from swimming or other water activities due to struggling with their body image, whether that stems from weight, scars, varicose veins, stretch marks, or any such like. By providing an area of coverage similar to that of a summer dress, anyone can feel comfortable getting back into the water.
- Convenience: Since our swim dresses are fashionable and appropriate in everyday settings, you can leave the house already wearing your swim dress, and not needing to get changed once you get to the lake or pool.
- Dignity and class: Dressing modestly with fashion and style will convey both dignity and class to those you come into contact with. In other words, more is less - you will find people treating you with respect and courtesy because of your clothing choices. 

Are these swim dresses restrictive to movement? Is there a danger of becoming entangled in them?
Not at all! The swimsuits are very comfortable to wear, and do not interfere with even the most active water play. To illustrate this point, just picture a man in swim trunks, and a rash guard (wet shirt) - that is comparable to the amount of fabric and coverage afforded by our swim dresses. Our fabrics are the same fabrics that bathing suits are made from. This ensures that your swimdress will dry quickly, does not cling, and will not weigh you down in the water.

How long do the swim dresses last?
If correctly sewed, you can expect your swim dress to last at least one season, though we regularly use ours for two (and that with daily swimming for 6 months of the year in chlorinated water!). 

How should I best care for my swimsuit?
To maximize the lifespan of your swimsuit, it should ideally be rinsed in cold water after swimming in a chlorinated pool, and hung up to dry. However, this is by no means a necessity. We rarely take the time to do this, and the fabrics still hold up beautifully! 

Do you offer already sewn swim dresses?
Not at this time, but we are in the process of making them available in the near future. Please be sure to join our mailing list, and be the first to find out when we start offering pre-made swimsuits. 

What about swimsuits for pregnant or nursing moms?

While there is not a dedicated pattern for pregnant or nursing moms, the existing pattern comfortably accommodates an expanding midsection. If that is not enough toward the very end of pregnancy, you could sew the top (bodice) part of the dress one or more sizes larger. For easy nursing access, you could sew the bodice onto the skirt and leggings with the zipper in the front instead of in the back. If you have already sewed your swim dress, you can most likely comfortably wear it with the zipper in the front even if that puts the back seam of the leggings on the front, since the fabric is stretchy and forgiving.  

Do I already need to know how to sew?

Yes, the sewing directions assume you have basic sewing skills, an understanding of sewing terms, and know how to operate your machine. That being said, the step-by-step directions are simple, and well illustrated. 

What kind of fabric do I need, and how much?

You will need spandex (Lycra) fabric, in the measurements specified in each pattern description.

What kind of sewing machine do I need?
Just about any regular home sewing machine will work. Ideally, it will have a zig zag or serger stitch option.

Do I have to use a serger?
While using a serger for some of the seams is a great option, it is by no means necessary. Many newer sewing machines offer a serger stitch or even just a zig zag. Personally, even though I have a serger, I still choose to sew all my swimsuits with a regular, straight stitch. Such a straight stitch will break if the elastic fabric is stretched to the max, but that does not usually happen with normal, everyday use. 


Do you offer sewing support?
Unfortunately, we do not have the human resources to offer sewing support at this time.

Can I copy the patterns?

We have priced our patterns very affordably to make them available to just about anyone. While we believe sharing is very kind and sweet, we ask that you limit copying the patterns to personal use only. 


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